Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is Preppy the New Urban?

Well this is my first official blog. I'm very excited to share my views on many things. Yes...I have an opinion. Okay this is just my opinion but is Preppy the New Urban? I love to talk about clothes and fashion a very great deal. I was just thinking what happen to people wearing timbs now its uggs and polo boots. What happen to wearing enyce and mecca now its about american eagle and hollister. What a shift in what the inner city youth wears. Just an observation. What has cause the shift? Thats where my opinion continues... What happened to the urban labels. Has the mainstream taken over. Just a thought. I think all of this lies in marketing. These marketing executives have agenda to make money. I think the inner city has changed their tastes according to what is said to be "hot" or "in". I'm not telling people not to wear polo boots, american eagle hoodies or hollister shirts. I'm just saying what happened to the urban labels. Thats it. Something to think about.

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