Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dating Sites: Desperate or Innovative

Well i had a Facebook chat with my good friend who lives in Florida. We discussed several things and the topic of dating websites took place. Basically she said dating sites are for desperate people or is it? This is the question i pose. I believe you can look at it both ways. Sure it can be desperate but what about innovative. These sites have been around for while now. Maybe its ok for the type of person it attracts. Dating is very complicated especially meeting potential mates. Maybe using the web as a vehicle to meet and date is great. You just type a catchy and enticing profile and put a truthful yet sexy profile pic. Easy right. Flirting or getting a wingman and among other things is done away with. Innovative. Yet lets take a step back and evaluate if you are in your twenties the social time of your life why rely on a PC or Mac to get that chick or dude. Be proactive and meet new people. After its all said and done don't be lazy I prefer the old fashioned way. Its an adventure and more fun. Desperate or Innovative.

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