Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let’s Clear Up Some Misconceptions…

My life has been fueled with many misconceptions about who I am and what I represent. Lets have fun clearing up these misconceptions?   For example certain individuals I have met, are surprised because I have had friends who are not black. Whoa. This bothers me when people see a person’s race or culture before they see someone as human interesting. I like to connect to people and they do not always look like me, unless I have an identical twin I didn’t know about. Another one, wow you go to church. I’m telling you not all churchgoing people are weird. Believe me, my parents taught me morality before I stepped inside any church building, my church membership is only an extension of that morality. Ok, I have another example; wow you from Flatbush, Brooklyn. Hmmm, interesting. So I can articulate my words and maintain my class and not be from where I’m from. Guys throw your misconceptions out the door. Like any rule and general statement there are definitely exceptions. Peace and Love. Besos!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Urban Pop

Among many things, I love to discuss music. A variety of genres. It is just the way I grew up. I was surrounded with music. I fondly remember my mom’s vinyl collection. The awesome sound system my family possessed. The advent of the CD and actually holding the very first version of iPod with my friends in hs. So why this long intro… well I’m taking a stab at maybe classifying some types of songs. I have come to a conclusion that there is a thing such as “urban pop”. Well what is this type of music? I see it being music that is very commercial like pop but has street edge as found in the lyrics and hip-hop stylized production. Ok who is a great example? T-Pain. Why do I choose him, well first off he uses auto-tune, which is commercial as I may say. His singles (I did not buy any of this guy’s albums) tend to be catchy as it is with pop music. The urban element comes into play. One such song that embodies this is “Body Language” by pop vocalist Jesse McCartney with a feature by T-Pain. The song has catchiness to it and the production has an urban twang. Now another artist I would like to highlight, Akon. Most of his singles if not all have a universal appeal but the production is in an hip-hop style. Who else… Well please comment and keep the conversation going! Who is an urban pop artist? and Why?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Year in Review: 2012

So guys, it’s been a minute since I wrote a blog post. So you know it’s that time of the year. I’m going to be bold and give a you slice of my year. 2012 was a school for me. It was like I earned a Master’s degree in life. So many life lessons, God gave me a lesson in so many things. It was an awesome experience because I love to learn. One thing I learned was to not be a victim. Do not blame what happens to you, to your past, parents, and horrible boyfriend/girlfriend, lack of money. Stop it! Someone who wants to move on life has to realize you can rise above the obstacles. I realized also that if you cannot take care of yourself in every aspect of life it’s going to be a big mountain to bring babies into the picture. I did not say kids, but babies, because they cant help themselves, it would be a travesty to be struggling on taking care yourself.  What else? Hmmm do not be of character for non-factors.  People who don’t matter, well they don’t matter. Do not waste your vocal cords on non-factor people. Do not be consumed by people who don’t matter. Life is just way simpler. Here’s a fun one, I have connected with my love for dance. I had the chance to attend an Alvin Ailey School Extension class with the legendary Robin Dunn. 2013 is almost here! I know I will learn more and I’m most definitely taking more dance classes.  I’m ready to learn and grow and be me mzlaidbackcool.
The name says it all. Whoa!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dating Challenged part deux

Yea…Guys I had to go there. So after much reflection I wanted to revisit or maybe give an update on that topic. So I said before that I am dating challenged. I have come to realize it is many factors. Okay I’m going to explain to you guys my readers these amusing things. One, I’m very picky. I just not I’m going to waste time with someone who doesn’t wow me. I’m being honest. It takes much to impress me. Ok so you got a whip and wear Gucci…I have been in luxury cars and yea i know there is a store that exists called Saks Fifth Avenue…what else do you bring to the table? I get those losers.  Also when I feel I’m being too forward in how I feel, I shut down and avoid you. That can mean many things, but social media avoidance and avoiding people at all costs is one of my behaviors. It just makes me feel less of a pest and a strong person to move on. So guys I’m picky, takes much to impress, and i avoid people who I clearly like but just don’t want to deal with the whole rejection thing. Yea I’m dating challenged. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Online Dating: Desperate or Innovative Part Deux...

So guys you know early on in my blog, I had post about online dating, well these past 3 days have been rather entertaining. Why? Well I did a little experiment. As you may or may not know acquired I had a very old picture of myself on my hi5 account with my former relaxed hair. I saw that certain individuals left comments on a picture that is longer then my college career or just about lol. So for entertainment purposes, I added a newer pic of myself looking rather older and with my funky short hair. Innovative … right. So for the last 3 days I have found messages from random men. Ok…that was the point. But the reason behind this experiment was to show how DESPERATE men are online. You would someone in their 30’s would more subtle with their fondness of female’s picture … sure…lol. One individual was setting up a time to meet…right… I don’t even meet up with my friends who I KNOW and TRUST on a regular…I’m going to meet u…keep dreaming. Another IDIOT wanted me to call him…HELL NO. Today the finale of this experiment some guy is telling me he would like to take me out… sure. What I noticed about all of these convos is that they started with are you single, for the most part. After much thinking these last few days, I came to a conclusion that is a pure dating site and not the hi5 I knew before. Also I see there are new norms now in online chatting that set a very different standard then before. In the past especially people born in the 80’s and early 90’s people would chat just to chat. It’s like society so lovesick that when I spoke to these weirdoes, they didn’t even ask my name or age, just…are you single? This is the sick society we are living in. It’s scary. Parents please alert your kids about the dangers on the Internet. I have a niece now and I would never want her to be linked to some perverted pedophile. The same with my nephews. It is just crazy.
For me there is a great thing about connecting with ppl you KNOW already online. It just shows us that society is using technology as crutch to not  improving your social skills. Dating is a social thing first and foremost and honestly I’m not going to go out on a date when the dude doesn’t even know my name. That is just ridiculous in every sense of the word and its meaning. By the way I deleted my hi 5 account. I do not want to be associated with men who need to get out their damn house, get a wingman  and make it happen. You will feel way better and maybe you can get somewhere wink wink…Yes that is my opinion 

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Amazing Relationship…

The relationship I have with my mom is rather interesting…unique bond. Honestly we need our own reality show. We are two DIFFERENT people. Our clashing personalities make this bond epic. My mom is a middle aged Haitian women and she is set with her Haitian ways. LOL. That is not even half of it. My mom is a very sweet lady but an introvert. She is very expressive and talkative when she wants to ANNOY me. Well me, I’m in my mid twenties but have a mindset of a 35 year old. Disaster waiting to happen. I’m a straightforward extrovert who is LOGICAL. So when my mom and me have a conversation it is like sisters debating. Notice I say DEBATING…its rather cute in a way. Yea my mom is overprotective but she choses her battles. LOL. My iPhone conveniently “doesn’t work” when I go out, but at the end of the day…I call my mom. My mom knows me and I know her. She knows my life is set. Honestly I’m proud to inherit this woman’s genes. She has taught me  so much. My children will LOVE their grandma. My nephews and niece adore her too. I LOVE my family. I know this post is too mushy but … SO WHAT... LOL.