Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Follow The Leader

Social media is breeding grounds for blurred reality. Well let me break it down in layman's terms what you see is what you might not get. Its seems like everywhere you turn everybody is starting a movement, a label, a clothing line, a blog, the list goes on. But who is really pushing weight and getting things done. Who are the leaders? It has been said you have to be a good employee to be a good boss. Hmmm interesting. The point I'm getting at is that stop putting a front and be a real leader and put in the work. Stop mentioning projects your in the process of making when it doesn't exist or not even planned to be executed. Real talk. Stop posing as a leader or as we say a boss. Be real. Your either a leader or a follower. Some just lead the pack. Some just follow, it is what is. The real leader will stand out and his  or her work will stand out. lmage can only  get you so far. Shout out to the leaders of this generation. We in to win it. One.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Can We Master Time Management?

Time management. Hmm. Boring right I sound like management book in your local Barnes and Noble. However it is imperative that we have a way to master it. Why? To get stuff done. Basically i took upon myself to give myself a schedule. Took me a month to do it. Yesterday i got it done. Worked up my Microsoft Excel skills...boom I did it. I made a colorful spreadsheet of what i do everyday from meals, gym, devotion, church, work, free time etc. Well did i follow my schedule this afternoon. No not at all. This blogging session is not even on my schedule right now. Point of my post. I know one thing about time management i know i need not to waste my time making a schedule i do not follow. Manage your time! Lol

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dating Challenged

So last night i went out with a friend and we discussed dating. She is on the frontier to start dating. Well  i commend her. Lol. However she is trying online dating which is not my cup of tea. Hmmm. Well I'm trying to be more accessible for a date. wink. wink. Well from past experience I have been dating challenged. I rarely date if ever and the guys that i'm interested in or well not accessible. I'm trying to change that. Moral of the story summer is here i'm single and ready to mingle. I will keep you posted. :)