Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hip Hop Vixens Circa 1997

1997 was the year. I was a youngin fixated on the music around me. The inner city youth of Flatbush (my hood by the way) we were drawn to hip hop as well as today. Well what really grabbed my classmates attention was the rap divas Foxy Brown and Lil Kim both BK’s finest respectively. These two female artists graced the cover of Source Magazine. I remember the boys in my class discussing the article. We were young ones wanting to get a peek at grown folks agendas. We were wise beyond our years. It was funny because when I went to the library (yes before Google there was libraries), to find the article. I was frustrated. One, because the actual article was missing when Iwas searching for it. Secondly I did not want to buy the actual magazine at the newsstand anticipating my mother’s reaction to my fondness of such a magazine.Did I actually remember what the article contained? No. Did I remember the impact these two females had on classmates? Yes Is it the same impact? No. HipHop Circa 1997

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