Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Human Relations Laid To Rest

RIP to the human connection. We live in a society as of today, that can not express how they feel without the keys of a smartphone or laptop. The intimacy of face-to-face contact is a lost art. I remember there was a time when I would enjoy human interaction socially the “ambiance’ of it all. It gets irritating when you are socializing or attempting to and someone is communicating via text or tweeting. To be honest I’m guilty of that also to a certain point. I mean if I’m in an environment that is lame and whack shoot I’m pulling my iPhone and I will tweet. But as I digress that doesn’t happen often because I savor the moments I have with my loved ones and friends. Summer is here, I hope and pray that you guys are not stuck to a laptop all day. Go to parties, bbqs, dates, movies, the park, cafes, beach, concerts, for those foodies hit up new restaurants. The world is yours. Enjoy good conversation and laughs try not to stay on that phone. Make memories. Make human relations alive again. It is surely a lost art.  Yes that’s my opinion…

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