Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are You About That Lifestyle?

Fashion and Style are two different things. I want to establish that for those ignorant of these two terms. For me my passion is fashion and my style is evolving as we speak. Now fashion is basically what is of the moment meaning trends or whatever is cool. That can mean anything. Now style is who you are visually in the context of this blog post. So can fashion and style merge…of course? Now what does lifestyle has to do with any of these things. A LOT. I’m a knowledgeable consumer of clothing and I know for the most part what these designers are trying to convey in their marketing campaigns. Some people buy certain crazy expensive clothes and HELLO they did not have you in mind at all as their consumer. Now if you think your about that lifestyle, knock yourself out, but if you not making a stack after tax and you wanna buy a REAL Hermes belt, homie admit yourself to a psych ward. Do you know anything about French fashion, I don’t know much but I’m no socialite to spend my rent money on ACCESSORIES, not even the clothes… think about it… maybe you should buy a French Connection belt… that’s good with a stack paycheck and you can buy some Kenneth Cole shoes or maybe Aldo jus so you can still buy your monthly metrocard. People I’m a fashionista but I know I’m not Jennifer Lopez.
Another thing I’m into American designers…why…it fits my lifestyle… I’m a laid-back girl and full of energy…so I’m probably going to wear kicks, flats, and sandals… that is my style. Now to be in trend or fashionable…I’m going to invest in some Levi’s lol better yet if I wanna be contemporary I will invest into some Hudson jeans… sneakers…idk…I would go to Bloomies to figure that out. But that’s me…I’m not into Gucci, LV, Hermes…but I like Tory Burch but she is American designer. So what I’m saying be yourself and not be a poser. Buy something because you love the brand and what it is about and also if you can AFFORD it… being broke should never be in style…That is my opinion.

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