Monday, October 8, 2012

Know Who You Are Literally…

Honestly when you KNOW who you are things make a lot of sense. Case in point my family is from the French West Indies aka Haiti. Now I’m going to break down who I am racially… So to be very technical I’m 60% African and 40% Indian. My father is from North Haiti. For all of you who KNOW Haiti, people from northern Haiti speak the pure Haitian Creole and they are all dark skinned. My father was dark skinned. That is not a surprise for a Haitian. Benin is the African nation linked to the African descendants of Haiti. Now for my mom’s side, West Indians have this term coined “coolie,” this Jamaican term, which is negative, is for island people who are of the Indian sub-continent. Well we tend to think that people from Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad are coolie, but Haiti has coolie people too and that is my family. LOL. Now why do I spend a whole paragraph breaking down myself racially or maybe culturally because it explains what I do? I LOVE yoga, I LOVE Asian food, I APPRECIATE body art, I GET ALONG with AFRICAN ppl and ASIAN ppl, Incense does not FRIGHTEN me.  Some things you do are just part of your culture, genes, what have you inherited from makes whom you is.  That is why people should know your culture and your roots things will REALLY make sense… This is my opinion.

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