Monday, October 15, 2012

My Amazing Relationship…

The relationship I have with my mom is rather interesting…unique bond. Honestly we need our own reality show. We are two DIFFERENT people. Our clashing personalities make this bond epic. My mom is a middle aged Haitian women and she is set with her Haitian ways. LOL. That is not even half of it. My mom is a very sweet lady but an introvert. She is very expressive and talkative when she wants to ANNOY me. Well me, I’m in my mid twenties but have a mindset of a 35 year old. Disaster waiting to happen. I’m a straightforward extrovert who is LOGICAL. So when my mom and me have a conversation it is like sisters debating. Notice I say DEBATING…its rather cute in a way. Yea my mom is overprotective but she choses her battles. LOL. My iPhone conveniently “doesn’t work” when I go out, but at the end of the day…I call my mom. My mom knows me and I know her. She knows my life is set. Honestly I’m proud to inherit this woman’s genes. She has taught me  so much. My children will LOVE their grandma. My nephews and niece adore her too. I LOVE my family. I know this post is too mushy but … SO WHAT... LOL.

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