Thursday, October 25, 2012

Online Dating: Desperate or Innovative Part Deux...

So guys you know early on in my blog, I had post about online dating, well these past 3 days have been rather entertaining. Why? Well I did a little experiment. As you may or may not know acquired I had a very old picture of myself on my hi5 account with my former relaxed hair. I saw that certain individuals left comments on a picture that is longer then my college career or just about lol. So for entertainment purposes, I added a newer pic of myself looking rather older and with my funky short hair. Innovative … right. So for the last 3 days I have found messages from random men. Ok…that was the point. But the reason behind this experiment was to show how DESPERATE men are online. You would someone in their 30’s would more subtle with their fondness of female’s picture … sure…lol. One individual was setting up a time to meet…right… I don’t even meet up with my friends who I KNOW and TRUST on a regular…I’m going to meet u…keep dreaming. Another IDIOT wanted me to call him…HELL NO. Today the finale of this experiment some guy is telling me he would like to take me out… sure. What I noticed about all of these convos is that they started with are you single, for the most part. After much thinking these last few days, I came to a conclusion that is a pure dating site and not the hi5 I knew before. Also I see there are new norms now in online chatting that set a very different standard then before. In the past especially people born in the 80’s and early 90’s people would chat just to chat. It’s like society so lovesick that when I spoke to these weirdoes, they didn’t even ask my name or age, just…are you single? This is the sick society we are living in. It’s scary. Parents please alert your kids about the dangers on the Internet. I have a niece now and I would never want her to be linked to some perverted pedophile. The same with my nephews. It is just crazy.
For me there is a great thing about connecting with ppl you KNOW already online. It just shows us that society is using technology as crutch to not  improving your social skills. Dating is a social thing first and foremost and honestly I’m not going to go out on a date when the dude doesn’t even know my name. That is just ridiculous in every sense of the word and its meaning. By the way I deleted my hi 5 account. I do not want to be associated with men who need to get out their damn house, get a wingman  and make it happen. You will feel way better and maybe you can get somewhere wink wink…Yes that is my opinion 

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