Monday, October 8, 2012

Why Do We Have To Label Everything…

I’m just a “different” person but that’s me. I was always a free spirited laid- back person; this is just a  “layer” of me. Ok, what I’m getting at is with some things in life labels just make it so annoying and difficult. I’m talking especially with relationships, friendships and romantic. (whatever that means) So who is a “friend” to you? I know who my friends are, but it is cool to hang out and be entertained by LOSERS, HATERS, NEGATIVE people to have a good time and laugh at their bs. Case in point this negative person I knew who is so LAME went to a particular Thai hot spot wearing a tutu, my best friend and relative were dying, her stupidity was irritating. This LOSER had the audacity to ask my cousin if she has a license knowing that I was in the passenger side of her SUV, a Mercedes-Benz by the way. Apparently the LOSER would rather walk around in a tutu on a MTA bus than rather be driven around a Benz hmmm LAME! I KNOW she was never my FRIEND, I don’t get caught up with labels and you should not too...Yes I have an opinion!

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