Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I Miss MySpace?

Social media is not a new phenomenon; it has come in many forms and likings. However I would like to reminisce on the wonderful website called I remember Tom, my first friend lol. MySpace made you creative with the wallpaper options. Lets not forget the massive amount of friends you can have. My cousin had a lot of friends or people he happened to stalk lol. I can attest to having a MySpace stalker on my end lol. MySpace was what you wanted it to be. Hooking up, promoting your music or catching up with your loved ones. Great times. With the advent of Facebook, everybody jumped abroad. On to the next one.  This is the world for you. There will be another social medium that will dominate. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is new under the sun… I miss MySpace…That is my opinion.

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