Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dating Challenged part deux

Yea…Guys I had to go there. So after much reflection I wanted to revisit or maybe give an update on that topic. So I said before that I am dating challenged. I have come to realize it is many factors. Okay I’m going to explain to you guys my readers these amusing things. One, I’m very picky. I just not I’m going to waste time with someone who doesn’t wow me. I’m being honest. It takes much to impress me. Ok so you got a whip and wear Gucci…I have been in luxury cars and yea i know there is a store that exists called Saks Fifth Avenue…what else do you bring to the table? I get those losers.  Also when I feel I’m being too forward in how I feel, I shut down and avoid you. That can mean many things, but social media avoidance and avoiding people at all costs is one of my behaviors. It just makes me feel less of a pest and a strong person to move on. So guys I’m picky, takes much to impress, and i avoid people who I clearly like but just don’t want to deal with the whole rejection thing. Yea I’m dating challenged. 

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