Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let’s Clear Up Some Misconceptions…

My life has been fueled with many misconceptions about who I am and what I represent. Lets have fun clearing up these misconceptions?   For example certain individuals I have met, are surprised because I have had friends who are not black. Whoa. This bothers me when people see a person’s race or culture before they see someone as human interesting. I like to connect to people and they do not always look like me, unless I have an identical twin I didn’t know about. Another one, wow you go to church. I’m telling you not all churchgoing people are weird. Believe me, my parents taught me morality before I stepped inside any church building, my church membership is only an extension of that morality. Ok, I have another example; wow you from Flatbush, Brooklyn. Hmmm, interesting. So I can articulate my words and maintain my class and not be from where I’m from. Guys throw your misconceptions out the door. Like any rule and general statement there are definitely exceptions. Peace and Love. Besos!

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