Sunday, December 23, 2012

Urban Pop

Among many things, I love to discuss music. A variety of genres. It is just the way I grew up. I was surrounded with music. I fondly remember my mom’s vinyl collection. The awesome sound system my family possessed. The advent of the CD and actually holding the very first version of iPod with my friends in hs. So why this long intro… well I’m taking a stab at maybe classifying some types of songs. I have come to a conclusion that there is a thing such as “urban pop”. Well what is this type of music? I see it being music that is very commercial like pop but has street edge as found in the lyrics and hip-hop stylized production. Ok who is a great example? T-Pain. Why do I choose him, well first off he uses auto-tune, which is commercial as I may say. His singles (I did not buy any of this guy’s albums) tend to be catchy as it is with pop music. The urban element comes into play. One such song that embodies this is “Body Language” by pop vocalist Jesse McCartney with a feature by T-Pain. The song has catchiness to it and the production has an urban twang. Now another artist I would like to highlight, Akon. Most of his singles if not all have a universal appeal but the production is in an hip-hop style. Who else… Well please comment and keep the conversation going! Who is an urban pop artist? and Why?

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