Saturday, January 26, 2013

Soundtrack of My Life: Justin Timberlake “Like I Love You”

I wont reveal the year cause a woman never discloses her age. I was a high school junior and yes I did go through NSYNC withdrawal. Then my big homie (yes in my mind) breaks out solo. Justin Timberlake was on fire. When MTV was about music videos, the video for the single “Like I Love You” drops. I’m in hysteria, one the Neptunes produced this single and two the video was entertaining with its intricate choreography. It didn’t hurt that Mr. Timberlake was attractive. Oh I forgot the hip-hop duo at the time, the Clipse spit a few bars to add that street edge to the song. The video was not too over the top. Yea I bought the album, Yea I enjoyed it. Yea I’m going to buy the new Justin Timberlake this year. As you can see I’m a fan.  Junior year was definitely awesome. 

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