Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deal breakers: Are They Breaking Your Heart?

So it’s been a minute, since I posted. What comes to my mind and makes me want to share with you…Deal breakers!  This concept has been mentioned in all of these relationship guru’s work. Books, articles, tweets, and my blog. What is a deal breaker anyway? Well it is something that someone has or a lifestyle partner will not tolerate. Thus not giving the chance to have a romantic relationship. There have been ton of examples why people are not together. Lets visit some and together well rather you the reader will  think if it’s fair. One deal breaker is dating a single parent. Now some people complicate this situation, they will be with someone who has a child or a toddler but if this partner has a teenager, its like nah I’m good. I just think these types of people don’t want to be a stepparent. LOL. Funny right.  I believe in this situation it depends what type of children your potential partner have. Okay the next one, this person is unemployed. Honestly for this one, if you met this person and they painted a picture of being stable financially well there probably in a life of crime. All jokes aside. Perhaps the person really lost their job. All I can say is that patience is a virtue. Now, other deal breakers: height, being thrifty aka cheap, no car, no degree, boring. Okay the height deal breaker hits home, I’m tall and it irks me when a guy shorter then me takes interest. How do I handle this dilemma? Well, for one is the short height a small difference or a Shaq and Hoops situation?  If he is the total package just a few inches shorter is not a problem really. My mom has told me time after time as a woman you add value to my man, so if you are tall and everything nice, well a man who is a little shorter is not a problem.  I cant with cheap people, you are not going to die with money, but enjoy life within your wage of course. No car, well this is a NYC based blog, the dude can maintain without a car for some time, car notes are no joke. No degree, a college degree does not equal intelligence or wisdom. Yes I love a man with ambition, but don’t judge a book by its cover.  Okay the boring dudes or gals.  Maybe you can be the excitement in that person’s life.  There are plenty of more deal breakers. These are just the most entertaining issues to write about on this blog. I can inform and also entertain. Yes This is My Opinion! 

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