Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is Cooking Essential?

Ok you read the title. Why this topic? Well as a 20 something female this has been a topic discussed in many arenas. So is cooking essential for a woman and a man? Yes! I know that sounds old fashioned but there will always be an advantage to knowing how to cook. Do you want to be a life long takeout queen and king?  What is so great about knowing how to cook? I’m going to give you a few of my opinions. Okay the first one being survival! Ordering takeout and going to Wendy’s everyday is just too expensive no matter how you look at it. Also it can make your waistline expand. Family time is another advantage. If a married couple has at least one person who can cook, it brings you guys together. Next cooking promotes independence. When you are hungry you can get the ingredients you need and boom do your thing in the kitchen. Another one not typical is that it boosts your creative juices. Someone who cooks very well is also a creative person finding new ways to make their culinary masterpiece. Finally, when you cook it brings you closer to your cultural background. My mom always tells me stories about my grandmother and her siblings on different dishes they have made. I know as a Haitian American it felt awesome when I made my first bouyoun and also the time I made homemade cremas. Memories. To sum up cooking is essential to everyday life. 

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