Friday, September 20, 2013

Skater Boi

Flashback eleven years ago! Avril Lavigne in the music scene. Her iconic tie and her fun/rocker girl style brought many people to her awesome music. I want to talk about her song “Skater Boi”. I am not going to speak about the music video.  I just love the lyrics of this song. The music is not too bad also. The song opens with someone talking about the story of a boy being a skateboarder and a popular girl being a dancer. He liked her and she did too. The popular girl never really wanted to reveal her mutual feelings. Long story short, this skater boi succeeds in life and becomes a big time musician. The person telling this story seems to be Avril Lavigne, she is now this skater boi’s girlfriend. They are rocking out and making beautiful music together. Is this song autobiographical? Perhaps. What I love about this song is the take home message. If you like someone who likes you don’t let pride get into being with him. You know this guy could be a future doctor, lawyer, dope producer or a successful entrepreneur. How do I know? Hmmm never mind

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