Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Being Taken Seriously

Can women be taken seriously in anything in comparison to men? It seems like in different sectors of life women seem to be the laughable gender. I’m definitely drawing this from my personal experiences. Hence the name of my blog. Anyway I have a couple of stories of what I have to share to emphasize my strong opinion. This man that I will call Fred wanted me to do publicity for him, while having a conversation out of nowhere he says you have a nice voice. Were you concentrating on my plan to promote or my “nice” voice? Apparently I was not taken seriously. Another experience I call this person to congratulate him on finding a residency as a new doctor and he asks me if I’m interested in the medical field, knowing that I went to Baruch a business school. What! Somebody’s off and it is not me. I was not taken seriously. To the men reading this take women more seriously. Let’s bring back intellect in conversations again. Peace I’m out!

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