Friday, December 11, 2015

Ghosting: Please Share Your Horror Stories

I’m now getting into podcasts. One in particular sparked my interest. The Cosmo Happy Hour by Cosmopolitan Magazine is very interesting. The topic of the podcast that I listened to was about “Ghosting”. What is ghosting? Here is an easy definition :to stop contacting someone who you had some romantic interest in you before. Basically you meet someone you guys text or call each other, then out of nowhere the communication is silenced by one person. You can keep on texting, calling, or using social media messaging but the individual does not respond. This actually happened to me and I was hurt just a little bit. Lol. I actually see the person on social media living their life. What more can I say or what can I do? The person just disappeared. Maybe this has happened to you ladies or gentlemen. It is rather annoying. The podcast spoke to the core of this issue. Has anyone been ghosted? Feel free to comment. I want to hear your horror stories.

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