Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diversity in Entertainment

Unless you don’t have social media or maybe been living under rock you have seen the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. What does this mean anyway? Well in a brief way it means people of color are not represented in the Academy Awards. Usually when a person wins an Oscar it is in a stereotypical role such as a slave or servant among other roles that are portrayed in a negative light. That is Hollywood. What about music industry? There are tons of black musicians but why does it take it so long for them to sell in records yes there are exceptions to the rule ie. BeyoncĂ©, however when Adele’s album “25” came out it broke records in an astronomical way. Do black people really buy their favorite artists albums? I concur…not so much. Also how often are black artists winning Album of the Year in the Grammy Award show? Something to ponder about. While I was scrolling through Instagram, I found out LLCoolJ finally got his star in Hollywood walk of fame. What I found interesting was why did it take so long for this artist to get his star. The comments on that Instagram feed were intriguing. A lot of people were commenting about how come it took so long for him to get his star and similar commentary. To be honest I was surprised also. This just shows how people of color have to work extra hard and put in more years just to be recognized for something. That is a no brainer in my opinion. That is part of the black struggle. Will boycotting the Oscars do anything? Probably not. One thing I can say is that we need to support our own. Support black artists, music, movies, and black business period. This may push more diversity in entertainment. We have power in our pockets. This is my opinion. Yes I Have An Opinion.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Black Love or Swirl?

Are you for Black love or like some milk in your coffee? A lot of people of color are divided on this subject. Are you a traitor to the race if you venture out? Is it true that once a black man is deemed successful they find a Becky or are there any good black men left? The questions are endless. What I can say is that to each his own. When I was younger I wouldn’t mind dating someone from another race. However as I got older and learned more about my rich culture and history, I have decided to give a chance with Black love. Am I racist for this notion? I believe not. I just rather build with someone with a similar background. Do I knock people who are down with the swirl? Not really. It is your life and you can love anyone you want to. I just prefer my black love and there is nothing wrong with that too. It is a win win situation, love whomever you want to.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gender Bender

The notion of gender has shifted in this present day. People feel the need to wear what they feel like wearing. This seems to be the rule of fashion today. One prime example right now seems to be Jaden Smith. In the past he has known to wear clothes catered to women such as dresses and skirts. Recently Jaden Smith joined a new ad campaign for the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2016 Women’s Wear Collection. The rapper/actor wears a top and skirt and leather jacket. Interesting to say the least. If an ad campaign displays a gender wearing another gender clothes it shows the shift to a gender neutral world. Do I like this shift? Honestly not. However society will continue to pattern a gender neutral world. It is the world we live in now. One more thing I can say is it will be definitely harder to explain to our kids the notion of gender. Welcome to a gender neutral world.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Oversensitive Complex

I must admit I am a sensitive person. It took me awhile to admit this but am I an oversensitive person…no. However growing up I found a group of people who can possess the oversensitive complex. This post may offend some people but Yes I Have An Opinion!  A majority of religious people tend to be the most oversensitive group of people. Especially people who attend church services, well certain folks. Growing up in the church I have seen how this group of people react to certain issues and experiences. A lot of things just offend them. From what you wear, the way you style your hair, your choice of music the list goes on. This manifests even more when a Christian in the public eye is judged for how they live their life. DeVon Franklin’s choice of  a mate, Erica Campbell’s promo pictures and even Bishop TD Jakes ripped jeans. It can be so annoying in my opinion. People are just too oversensitive. Certain church folk  need to get off this complex and learn and grow as an individual and worry about their own lives instead of others.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Selfie Syndrome

Why are certain members of the female population obsessed with selfies? Are selfies an ego boost or just pure vanity? Are you insecure if you always post a selfie on Instagram? Do you love a lot of likes on your social media? Do you want to show your new fake eyelashes? Do you want to show off your new NYX lipstick shade? Do you want to show your new  weave? Do you want to show your new makeover? Do you want to make your ex jealous? Do you want men to slide in their DM’s? The questions can be endless but the answers are also endless. People are obsessed with pictures of themselves for numerous reasons. I’m not a shrink so I can not psycho analyze a frequent selfie taker.  One thing I can say is that being obsessed with them is not healthy.