Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Black Love or Swirl?

Are you for Black love or like some milk in your coffee? A lot of people of color are divided on this subject. Are you a traitor to the race if you venture out? Is it true that once a black man is deemed successful they find a Becky or are there any good black men left? The questions are endless. What I can say is that to each his own. When I was younger I wouldn’t mind dating someone from another race. However as I got older and learned more about my rich culture and history, I have decided to give a chance with Black love. Am I racist for this notion? I believe not. I just rather build with someone with a similar background. Do I knock people who are down with the swirl? Not really. It is your life and you can love anyone you want to. I just prefer my black love and there is nothing wrong with that too. It is a win win situation, love whomever you want to.

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