Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diversity in Entertainment

Unless you don’t have social media or maybe been living under rock you have seen the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. What does this mean anyway? Well in a brief way it means people of color are not represented in the Academy Awards. Usually when a person wins an Oscar it is in a stereotypical role such as a slave or servant among other roles that are portrayed in a negative light. That is Hollywood. What about music industry? There are tons of black musicians but why does it take it so long for them to sell in records yes there are exceptions to the rule ie. Beyoncé, however when Adele’s album “25” came out it broke records in an astronomical way. Do black people really buy their favorite artists albums? I concur…not so much. Also how often are black artists winning Album of the Year in the Grammy Award show? Something to ponder about. While I was scrolling through Instagram, I found out LLCoolJ finally got his star in Hollywood walk of fame. What I found interesting was why did it take so long for this artist to get his star. The comments on that Instagram feed were intriguing. A lot of people were commenting about how come it took so long for him to get his star and similar commentary. To be honest I was surprised also. This just shows how people of color have to work extra hard and put in more years just to be recognized for something. That is a no brainer in my opinion. That is part of the black struggle. Will boycotting the Oscars do anything? Probably not. One thing I can say is that we need to support our own. Support black artists, music, movies, and black business period. This may push more diversity in entertainment. We have power in our pockets. This is my opinion. Yes I Have An Opinion.

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