Monday, January 4, 2016

Oversensitive Complex

I must admit I am a sensitive person. It took me awhile to admit this but am I an oversensitive person…no. However growing up I found a group of people who can possess the oversensitive complex. This post may offend some people but Yes I Have An Opinion!  A majority of religious people tend to be the most oversensitive group of people. Especially people who attend church services, well certain folks. Growing up in the church I have seen how this group of people react to certain issues and experiences. A lot of things just offend them. From what you wear, the way you style your hair, your choice of music the list goes on. This manifests even more when a Christian in the public eye is judged for how they live their life. DeVon Franklin’s choice of  a mate, Erica Campbell’s promo pictures and even Bishop TD Jakes ripped jeans. It can be so annoying in my opinion. People are just too oversensitive. Certain church folk  need to get off this complex and learn and grow as an individual and worry about their own lives instead of others.

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