Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I really don’t know how many networking events I have been to since I graduated college with my Bachelors. It has been a lot of business cards, small talks, outfits and money for food and drinks. What have I learned through all of these events? It is not only about who you know but what you know and how you present yourself. It is good to collect all of these business cards but do you know your value? Also are you really passionate about your field or just want a job. Also developing relationships don’t happen overnight, people have different personalities and agendas. Don’t waste people’s time. Come correct or just stay home and don’t network. That’s all folks.

Monday, June 20, 2016

College, Is It Worth It?

When does real life start? After high school or after college? I remember speaking to an older woman when I was younger, she told me about 40 years ago, a young person’s adult life would start once they graduated high school. She mentioned most males started working and the women would start a family. Some people considered college but that was a minority. Wow how has times changed. With black women the largest group of college graduates we know expect the real world after college. Yet is college for everyone? Are we guaranteed a job right after college. The job market has been tough on the age group known as millennials, degrees have not guaranteed a job right away. Why am I saying all of this? Just to reiterate that there are different paths to success, choose what’s best for you. Just know hard work and persistence goes a long way. Never give up on your dreams…

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Motivation. This is a concept that is important to succeed in life. We have to have motivation to see our goals come to life. From losing weight, career goals, decluttering our living space or workspace the list goes on. What motivates you? As for me I am motivated to succeed for the beautiful future I want for myself. I want to create a wonderful life for myself. It is easier said then done. We have to press on to see what you want. Stay motivated. It will pay off in the end. Yes this is my opinion.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Social Media Can Be Stupid

Social media is breeding grounds for plain ignorance and stupidity. I get my celebrity gossip on Baller Alert’s instagram page and the comments to the blog’s subscribers are pretty stupid. The comments of the readers include insulting complete strangers. Let’s not forget the unapologetic allegiance to celebrities of who they do not know personally. It is rather sad. On Facebook people have debates over religion and race. All of the energy people put to spew ignorance and stupidity online could be used for something else. What can people do on their spare time instead of writing stupid comments or being trolls online? I don’t know but what I do know we are a society of trolls and ignorance online. People need to research and read what they type before they hit send. It is rather annoying. My rant on Internet trolling and ignorance is over. This is why I hate the Internet at times. Yes This Is My Opinion.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Reverse Racism...Really

I like reading non-fiction from memoirs to self-help books. I’m reading one book in particular by one author whom I will not mention but what struck the most while reading recently was him mentioning facing reverse racism. As soon as I read that I was like white people cannot face racism. They can face prejudice but not racism. A black person may not like a white person just for being white but they do not have the systemic power to be racist. Black people have NO power in this country to systemically change and exude power or oppression on white people. I was highly upset when I read this in the author’s book. Do we people of color have privilege in this country? I do not think so. When a white Ivy League student gets six months for rape charges unlike a black man with the same crime faces more than 15 years in jail, it’s time to reconsider reverse racism. To all the white people who got offended by a person of color because they were white remember they were prejudice against you not racist. They do not have the power to oppress and withhold opportunities from you. When will we know the difference between racism and being prejudice? Two different concepts that have been confused under the guise of reverse racism. Know the difference. Black people cannot be racist. Yes I have an opinion.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's Your Sign?

What’s your sign? That is a question we tend to hear if we want to get to know someone. Are zodiac signs accurate? Is it evil? Why do some people obsess over them? These are some questions that I have to ask myself. I want to share these questions with you guys also. To be honest yes I know my sign and I have been guilty of googling my sign to see if it is accurate with my personality and also if my love interest sign is compatible with mine. Yes I have done this. Lol. However do I check my horoscope? No. Is astrology evil? Some people particularly church members argue that it is not a good thing. As for me I don’t let it dictate my life. Some people are so heavy into the zodiac they blame their character traits on their astrological sign. Believe me that is pushing it. Is it accurate? I do believe that people born around the same time do possess similar personality traits. It is based on the stars or the divine will of God? Who knows? For the curious readers out there my sign is Aries, those that mean anything…I don’t know perhaps. Horoscopes are a very interesting thing to speak about; whether you believe in them or not it is definitely a conversation starter. Yes this is my opinion.  Comment below if you think astrology is bogus or not among other things. Don’t be scared.