Monday, June 20, 2016

College, Is It Worth It?

When does real life start? After high school or after college? I remember speaking to an older woman when I was younger, she told me about 40 years ago, a young person’s adult life would start once they graduated high school. She mentioned most males started working and the women would start a family. Some people considered college but that was a minority. Wow how has times changed. With black women the largest group of college graduates we know expect the real world after college. Yet is college for everyone? Are we guaranteed a job right after college. The job market has been tough on the age group known as millennials, degrees have not guaranteed a job right away. Why am I saying all of this? Just to reiterate that there are different paths to success, choose what’s best for you. Just know hard work and persistence goes a long way. Never give up on your dreams…

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