Friday, June 10, 2016

Reverse Racism...Really

I like reading non-fiction from memoirs to self-help books. I’m reading one book in particular by one author whom I will not mention but what struck the most while reading recently was him mentioning facing reverse racism. As soon as I read that I was like white people cannot face racism. They can face prejudice but not racism. A black person may not like a white person just for being white but they do not have the systemic power to be racist. Black people have NO power in this country to systemically change and exude power or oppression on white people. I was highly upset when I read this in the author’s book. Do we people of color have privilege in this country? I do not think so. When a white Ivy League student gets six months for rape charges unlike a black man with the same crime faces more than 15 years in jail, it’s time to reconsider reverse racism. To all the white people who got offended by a person of color because they were white remember they were prejudice against you not racist. They do not have the power to oppress and withhold opportunities from you. When will we know the difference between racism and being prejudice? Two different concepts that have been confused under the guise of reverse racism. Know the difference. Black people cannot be racist. Yes I have an opinion.

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