Monday, June 13, 2016

Social Media Can Be Stupid

Social media is breeding grounds for plain ignorance and stupidity. I get my celebrity gossip on Baller Alert’s instagram page and the comments to the blog’s subscribers are pretty stupid. The comments of the readers include insulting complete strangers. Let’s not forget the unapologetic allegiance to celebrities of who they do not know personally. It is rather sad. On Facebook people have debates over religion and race. All of the energy people put to spew ignorance and stupidity online could be used for something else. What can people do on their spare time instead of writing stupid comments or being trolls online? I don’t know but what I do know we are a society of trolls and ignorance online. People need to research and read what they type before they hit send. It is rather annoying. My rant on Internet trolling and ignorance is over. This is why I hate the Internet at times. Yes This Is My Opinion.

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