Sunday, June 5, 2016

Toxic Friends

There are many types of friends. Fake friends. Real friends. Toxic friends. This year has proven to  me to be a year to get rid of the toxic friends. They know who they are and I know why I don’t need them in my life. If you have anyone in your circle that just brings drama, gossip, negativity and just plain rachetness in your midst it is time to drop these people. Thank me later. Life is already hard, who needs people to cause pain and drama. It is not necessary. Even if you are left with one friend or even by yourself it is way better than being with a herd of negativity. To my readers learn to enjoy your own company. When you work on bettering yourself and your environment the right people will come along. Remember you are in charge of your happiness. Remove toxic people from your life. This is my opinion.

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