Friday, September 16, 2016

Art From Real Life

Do we celebrate an entertainer’s legacy despite their personal life? There are countless examples. I turn to this subject because earlier this week a Facebook friend posted a meme of four R&B musicians and we had to choose one that had to be off the list and their music would never exist. I took one R&B star off the list because of his personal life. My nephew told me on my Facebook comments that I should base my selection of the artist’s music and not personal life. Yet can we really separate art from real life? From Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, Tupac, Bill Cosby, and countless others do you still respect an entertainer’s art yet not their personal life. Is it really ok to enjoy an alleged rapist, or pedophile artistry? Something to consider. Certain artists I have lost respect for them but their work is dope. This is defiantly a conflict of interest in my part. Yet I can say also I don’t know these people personally and my opinion of them is not stopping them or stopped them from achieving artistic genius. That is my opinion on all of this. Yes I Have An Opinion

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  1. One of your best posts because it told a story and took a stance.