Monday, September 12, 2016

I Am Not Conscious But...

I have been using Facebook for a hot minute. I have noticed the notion of being conscious online especially on Facebook. Someone added me on a conscious group. Am I conscious? Honestly first and foremost I would like to know what does this term mean exactly in the black community? What falls under the category of being conscious? I have read posts on the Facebook group I follow and it is rather interesting to say the least. For analyzing the posts you can say I am not conscious from the group’s standards. I go to church and I feel comfortable with that. There are other things that are emphasized in the Facebook group discussions that I agree with such as black empowerment and black pride. What I can say is that as a people we are not united. We separate ourselves between church going, atheist, conscious, spiritual, agnostic and the list goes on. We debate about our beliefs day in and day out yet our condition is still the same. All I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with being conscious but I believe there is nothing wrong with being a churchgoer. Debates go nowhere where is the action and unity. I try not to be political but this is rather annoying. What can we do about this ongoing situation? I don’t know but I am happy to share my opinion on this. Yes I Have An Opinion!

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