Friday, September 2, 2016

Know Your Circle

Know your circle. We have heard this before but what does this all mean. In my opinion it means knowing who is really there for you. A friend does not need to call you text and call you on a daily basis to be there for you. Who supports you and encourages you? Who is not a low-key hater? You know someone who always has a smart thing to say to you as a joke. Beware of those people. Be weary of what advice someone gives you. Be mindful of bitter people also. Also if someone is always hanging out with someone whom you know does not like you and is your so-called friend watch out. Also go out with people to know who they are. I have learned talking on the phone is not the same of being with someone in a public place outside of church and school. You can really know what someone is capable of. Also if you are around someone who does not share similar goals and ideals as you why hang out with them. Also it is ok to be alone at times. Enjoy your own company. Know what you are about and you will attract the right people in the midst. It can be trial and error but in the end it will enhance your quality of life. Know your circle. Yes This Is My Opinion.

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