Monday, September 5, 2016

The Devoted Beyhive

Yesterday was September 4, 2016. It was Beyoncé’s birthday and a lot of people on social media were wishing her Happy Birthday. I really believe that Beyoncé’s fans are rather unique. The Beyhive as they are called are die hard and devoted. With the Lemonade release several month ago and the sudden attack of designer Rachel Roy it shows the passion of the Beyhive. Yet what makes Beyoncé the musician people can’t help stop talking about. Is it her vocals? The actual music she puts out? Her beauty? I want answers. I have to admit I like some of her songs like anyone else but I am die hard and passionate… NO! To all my readers who are die-hard Beyoncé fans please comment below. Please tell me why are you part of the Beyhive. I love music and have some of my favorite artists but I will never Stan or even worship them, I know they are human just like me. Yes This Is My Opinion!

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