Monday, October 31, 2016


Gossip can be a tricky subject to certain people. Some people claim that they never gossip. In my opinion that is a bold faced lie. These groups of people may not gossip about people they know personally but they serve the “tea” about famous people. We all know someone who laughs about the personal details about someone’s life. So I have established that we have gossiped in some point of our lives. However what is the difference between a gossiper and someone who gossip sometimes. I believe a gossiper controls and supplies gossip. Like a drug dealer they give a constant supply of the product for those in need of the drugs. Is that a good thing? I mean they can be a source of entertainment. We know a certain talk show host who has made a career out of it. However someone who is a gossip can destroy the reputations of individuals with all the personal information they supply. This is a negative thing. So next time you gossip think about how a few laughs can reek havoc in someone’s life. Yes I Have An Opinion!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Personal Development

Personal development. Maybe you have heard this term or not. As cliché as this may sound, I have been on this self-improvement or rather personal development journey. I am a work in progress. So what am I am doing to improve myself and the overall scope of my life? Well I am reading more, writing more, planning, organizing, listening to podcasts, praying the whole nine yards. What have I learned so far? I must learn to trust the journey. It is easier said then done. I also have to delete people and things that make me feel uncomfortable. I am currently working on this. It feels good to be the best me. Personal development is the new wave in my life. I really want my life to be more balanced and have more purpose. Enough about me think about the things you want to improve in your life. My advice to you is to go for it. Be your best self. Yes I Have An Opinion!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Do You Go To Church?

To assemble or not assemble? What am I saying here? Basically is important to go to church if you profess yourself to be a Christian? I have had this question in mind for awhile now. Isn’t God everywhere? Isn’t the body of believers the church and not the building? I have questions upon questions. Yes I do go to church regularly but to be honest sometimes I feel that the service is a show and not an worship experience. Does that discourage me from going to church? At times it does but I still go. Wow such commitment you may say but to me it is like a special date with God weekly to revive me. Now is church attendance enough to have a relationship with God? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Church attendance does not reflect a person’s morality but it can be a boost if you feel like you need a boost. To each his/her own. If you feel like church is not your thing then don’t go but if you feel like you need it in your life then go. It is that simple. This is my opinion. Yes I Have An Opinion!

Monday, October 3, 2016

East Meets West

I used to do yoga in high school and in college. What did it do for me? Nothing much to an extent but I was relaxed. Did I feel some spiritual Zen in the process of doing this yoga, not so much. Prayer to God and reading does that for me.  However yoga and meditation has benefited many people. These practices have been around for ages but it seems like this is something new for people who live in the states. East meets west. Personally I have not meditated but many people swear by its benefits. I cannot judge something I don’t understand but a lot of people denounce these practices in favor of Western religion. Where do I stand in all of this debate? Like I mentioned before yoga did nothing for me. I am not really into these practices. One thing I can say it has been widely popular and works for some people. There are many things that seem different to people instead of shunning it we should at least respect the reason why individuals practice these eastern religions. Something to consider and ponder upon. This is my opinion. Yes I Have An Opinion!