Monday, October 10, 2016

Do You Go To Church?

To assemble or not assemble? What am I saying here? Basically is important to go to church if you profess yourself to be a Christian? I have had this question in mind for awhile now. Isn’t God everywhere? Isn’t the body of believers the church and not the building? I have questions upon questions. Yes I do go to church regularly but to be honest sometimes I feel that the service is a show and not an worship experience. Does that discourage me from going to church? At times it does but I still go. Wow such commitment you may say but to me it is like a special date with God weekly to revive me. Now is church attendance enough to have a relationship with God? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Church attendance does not reflect a person’s morality but it can be a boost if you feel like you need a boost. To each his/her own. If you feel like church is not your thing then don’t go but if you feel like you need it in your life then go. It is that simple. This is my opinion. Yes I Have An Opinion!

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