Monday, October 3, 2016

East Meets West

I used to do yoga in high school and in college. What did it do for me? Nothing much to an extent but I was relaxed. Did I feel some spiritual Zen in the process of doing this yoga, not so much. Prayer to God and reading does that for me.  However yoga and meditation has benefited many people. These practices have been around for ages but it seems like this is something new for people who live in the states. East meets west. Personally I have not meditated but many people swear by its benefits. I cannot judge something I don’t understand but a lot of people denounce these practices in favor of Western religion. Where do I stand in all of this debate? Like I mentioned before yoga did nothing for me. I am not really into these practices. One thing I can say it has been widely popular and works for some people. There are many things that seem different to people instead of shunning it we should at least respect the reason why individuals practice these eastern religions. Something to consider and ponder upon. This is my opinion. Yes I Have An Opinion!

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