Monday, October 31, 2016


Gossip can be a tricky subject to certain people. Some people claim that they never gossip. In my opinion that is a bold faced lie. These groups of people may not gossip about people they know personally but they serve the “tea” about famous people. We all know someone who laughs about the personal details about someone’s life. So I have established that we have gossiped in some point of our lives. However what is the difference between a gossiper and someone who gossip sometimes. I believe a gossiper controls and supplies gossip. Like a drug dealer they give a constant supply of the product for those in need of the drugs. Is that a good thing? I mean they can be a source of entertainment. We know a certain talk show host who has made a career out of it. However someone who is a gossip can destroy the reputations of individuals with all the personal information they supply. This is a negative thing. So next time you gossip think about how a few laughs can reek havoc in someone’s life. Yes I Have An Opinion!

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