Monday, November 28, 2016

The Business of Knowlege

Knowledge is great. We need it more than ever. A lot of people have capitalized on that notion. How many times do we sign up for a free webinar and get sales pitch for a service or product? Sometimes the information given does not even correlate to what was expected from the person wanting knowledge. I know these knowledge givers have bills to pay but why are people making a profit out of people’s insecurities. I respect only a few of these people who really after helping people build knowledge and apply it in their lives. The rest of these people are money hungry and do not help people at all. This is the business of knowledge. We need to start relying on our own research and value self-learning and teaching. Trial and error is a school in it’s own.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Election 2016 Part Deux

I use this blog to express my thoughts on various subjects that hold dear to me. Last Tuesday was a watershed event for the United States. I spoke about the election last year in a rather light way in one post. You can check it out right now:Election 2016 Yet this is not a light issue it is rather heavy. I am a child of Haitian immigrants so I am appalled at our President elect’s comments. I don’t need to mention his name. We live in a crazy time but are we really surprised? We now know what the closet racists have been thinking in this country. The disfranchised groups of this country need to wake up. America’s history has been fueled by a white supremacist culture.
 We need to stop being Internet activists and be the change we need to be for our children’s future. I am guilty of talking and not doing anything, but seriously this is not the time to have rants on social media. We need to organize and mobilize. History is definitely repeating itself. Let us learn our history and rise up. The power is in the people. This what I can say about everything concerning last Tuesday.

Monday, November 7, 2016


Common sense is not so common. We see that in our day to day living. The choices that people make us question someone’s thought process. We all make mistakes. Do we learn from our mistakes? Do people think before they post something, say something, or perform an action? It boggles the mind. I have realized we can get caught up in our mistakes. We do the same thing over and over and expect change. Habits create our lifestyle. Notice what you have done all throughout this year and see if it aligns with your goals. Are things working out for you or you are still in a mess. Take the time to analyze your habits. Are you being productive? Are you working hard or just complaining? We as humans (me included) love to play the blame game and wonder why our lives are not to par.  Look at your decisions and habits. Practice common sense. Life will be more fruitful and positive. Reclaim your life today.