Monday, December 26, 2016

What Women Have To Decide

Career or family? This is the decision young women have to decide upon in this day and age. Can we have both? Of course that is possible. Yet in our modern times more and more women are delaying to start a family. Maybe it is their career or maybe finding a suitable mate to procreate with is a hassle. Let’s look at both stated factors and I will state what I think about them. There is nothing about being a career woman but one thing I can say is if you really truly want a family then you have to make up your mind and do it. As for finding a mate, it is hard. You just don’t want to start a family with anyone just out of the desperation to have a baby. I believe if you work on yourself the best way you can the right person will come around. This is a rather simple commentary to a more complicated situation/idea. Just know as our female youth grow into adults this is a decision that will be made. I just want to start a conversation with this topic. That is all.

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