Sunday, January 15, 2017

Can't We Have This...

This post may offend some people but it is my opinion. I have come to the realization people of African descent in this country can’t not have anything for ourselves. When we discuss our issues in social media, there is also someone who wants to interject into our issues. The conversation is about our issues and challenges but someone who is not like us always wants to make it a non-black issue. Something similar to screaming All Lives Matter. It is very annoying. There is a time and place for everything; this includes having commentary on social media. When issues are presented about all groups then someone is welcome to join the conversation but if it does not involve you why bother commenting on the said discussion. Do we need allies in our struggle? No we as a people need to depend on each other to make things work out for ourselves. A sense of community has been lost and has to be reestablished. Do I have the solution? No but I think we need to start having more of these conversations and dialogue about what to do. Let’s continue this conversation.

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