Monday, April 10, 2017

Confessions of A Former Fashion Snob

New York City is definitely a place where you are into fashion or at least pretend to be. What makes someone a fashionista? Is it the stores that she frequents? Is it how she puts her clothes and makeup together? Does a fashionista have to wear make up? Does a fashionista have to wear jewelry? I have a long list of questions to get you thinking. Are you a fashionista? What makes you one and how do you express yourself with your clothes? I was once told that I cannot dress and look like a church girl. Lol. To each it’s own. What is so funny about the comment from that person was that where she took me to shop is not my cup of tea. Growing up I was a fashion snob owning things before anyone else had it. Over time I left my fashion snobby ways and started to scale back on what I wore. To make a long story short, it is all about what you bring to the table in who you express yourself. Do not let anyone tell you what your style should be. Express yourself in anyway you want to. Style is personal and makes you unique. Be your own fashionista. What do you think about people who comment on your personal style?

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