Monday, April 17, 2017

Not About That Clique Life...

Who doesn’t like reading blog posts on Facebook off your friend’s timeline? I love reading shared articles to gain more information and to think/reflect for self-improvement. Recently I read an article from a website that spoke about not belonging to a clique. This post resonated with me. For most of my youth I have had different set of friends and not belonging to a clique. This post got me thinking about the reasons why. I would like to share them right now. First I like variety. I like having different types of friends from all walks of life. Second I am a misfit. Whenever I’m in a group, I feel like I’m out of the group thus I am not in clique. Those are the two main reasons. I am very unique and will always stand out in a group so instead of being in a set group, I chose to be in none. It is good to have different types of people in your environment; you grow and learn about the world. Do you belong to a clique? Can you be yourself in your clique? Do you hate cliques? This is something to consider as you navigate life with your friendships.

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