Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm Too Busy

I’m too busy, I don’t have time. At times we hear these phrases from people who we know or trying to get to know. I believe these are plain excuses. In life, you have to make time for those who are important to you. Time is something that is valuable and has to be respected. If someone does not the have time for you, you should reevaluate your relationship with him or her. It is one thing to miss something or be tied up a from time to time but to make it a habit is an issue. Evaluate the people who say this all the time to you. You are most likely not a priority to them.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Everyone's Favorite Word

Success. That seems to be every millennial's favorite word. Yet is that individual willing to actually be successful? I believe it takes a lot of sacrifice and focus. Sometimes, that means waking up extra early, giving up TV, reading more, skipping a happy hour the list goes on. Whatever you want to achieve is all in your hands. Only you can stop yourself from reaching your goals. The concept is very simple but not easy. We all know what it takes but it is easier said than done. What do you think is holding you back from reaching your goals? Do you have a support system? What is your definition of success? What is one thing you will do today to get closer to your dreams? Make a decision to do something different to impact your life. Success will come sooner than you think.

Monday, May 15, 2017

What Happened Essence?
I love magazines. As a teenager, I would buy them and as a young adult, I would subscribe to several magazines. One magazine, in particular, I was fond of was Essence magazine. I know that magazines have a digital component to them now. Which is normal. However, I am disappointed in Essence magazine’s digital content. For example, most of the posts on their Facebook feed are click bait articles. The content is not newsworthy and very tabloid news like style of content. I am upset at this publication that I once respected. I don’t know if the content changed because of Time Inc. acquisition of the brand years ago. I do just not really like articles about what a black celebrity is wearing or whom they are dating. If I wanted to read something like that I would go to the Shade Room or Baller Alert, not Essence. The digital team has to step it up. What do you think? Do you still read Essence? Am I overreacting? Let me know, let’s discuss this issue.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The State of R&B

Music today can be discussed in a positive light or rather a negative way. I will be talking about R&B music. R&B music is a genre that I grew up with and enjoyed. Yet today I do not enjoy it as much. This type of music used to be about love, being in love, and breaking up among other things. Today it is about lust and just sex. To be honest sex is a part of relationships but it is not the only aspect. Also many vocalists are too influenced by hip hop that they sound like rappers. Ironically rappers are now singing and want to do R&B. This is too confusing to say the least. When will real R&B reign again? Who do you think in R&B needs to step their game up? Who is doing their thing and can bring hope back to R&B?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Fast Fashion

Who loves to shop the latest trends for less? A lot of people do and that is why fast fashion retailers are so popular. A fast fashion retailer sells looks inspired by what is off the runway at a lower price point. Is that good for fashion? From the consumer's perspective, it is definitely a win. For the hard working clothing designers who looks get imitated not so much. To be honest most people cannot afford Marc Jacobs, Celine, D&G, Balmain the list can go on. Fast fashion retailers provide a way for consumers to enjoy designer looks on a budget. There is one thing that is arising out of this trend clothing waste and the environment. The clothes created by these fast fashion retailers at times are not long lasting and are of the moment. Due to the nature of these clothes, you tend to want to get rid of them creating a lot of waste to the environment. I think it is a beautiful thing that fashion is more accessible but it is presenting a consumer waste problem when you can obtain something so fast and quickly and then get rid of it because of its quality. Something to consider the next time you shop. What is your favorite fast fashion store? Do you think the quality could be better?