Monday, May 8, 2017

Fast Fashion

Who loves to shop the latest trends for less? A lot of people do and that is why fast fashion retailers are so popular. A fast fashion retailer sells looks inspired by what is off the runway at a lower price point. Is that good for fashion? From the consumer's perspective, it is definitely a win. For the hard working clothing designers who looks get imitated not so much. To be honest most people cannot afford Marc Jacobs, Celine, D&G, Balmain the list can go on. Fast fashion retailers provide a way for consumers to enjoy designer looks on a budget. There is one thing that is arising out of this trend clothing waste and the environment. The clothes created by these fast fashion retailers at times are not long lasting and are of the moment. Due to the nature of these clothes, you tend to want to get rid of them creating a lot of waste to the environment. I think it is a beautiful thing that fashion is more accessible but it is presenting a consumer waste problem when you can obtain something so fast and quickly and then get rid of it because of its quality. Something to consider the next time you shop. What is your favorite fast fashion store? Do you think the quality could be better?

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