Friday, May 5, 2017

The African Diaspora

African American, West Indian/Caribbean, African all of these labels and ethnic groups point back to Africa. Yet the African diaspora, in my opinion, do not see eye to eye. We are divided. Growing up being Haitian-American was an issue for my African American peers and other Caribbean peers. I still don’t know why it was a problem to be of Haitian. Over the years I have heard that people directly from Africa have a superiority complex. Let’s not forget the stereotype that African Americans tend to be lazy. This is what I have heard throughout the years and have experienced. I believe slavery has divided us, for the most part, bring new languages, religion, and sub-cultures. Despite all of this we come from one place, Africa. When will we leave our differences and unite for the betterment of our people? One way is to dispel the stereotypes we have among each other. We need to educate each other of our histories. We also need to believe in-group economics. It is easier said than done but we need to start somewhere. Like the slogan on the Haitian flag states "Union Fait La Force" Unity Makes Strength.

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