Monday, May 15, 2017

What Happened Essence?
I love magazines. As a teenager, I would buy them and as a young adult, I would subscribe to several magazines. One magazine, in particular, I was fond of was Essence magazine. I know that magazines have a digital component to them now. Which is normal. However, I am disappointed in Essence magazine’s digital content. For example, most of the posts on their Facebook feed are click bait articles. The content is not newsworthy and very tabloid news like style of content. I am upset at this publication that I once respected. I don’t know if the content changed because of Time Inc. acquisition of the brand years ago. I do just not really like articles about what a black celebrity is wearing or whom they are dating. If I wanted to read something like that I would go to the Shade Room or Baller Alert, not Essence. The digital team has to step it up. What do you think? Do you still read Essence? Am I overreacting? Let me know, let’s discuss this issue.

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